Friday, July 29, 2011

in loving memory.

david wendell grow III

November 10, 1971 - July 24, 2011

david, my life has been blessed because i met you. i will love deeper and serve harder. you were too good to be true. i am glad to know you are at peace.
Resident of Murray City passed away Sunday night in Murray City. Dave was born in Santa Cruz, CA and raised in Pleasant Grove where he attended Pleasant Grove High School.

He was one of four children born to Marilou and David Wendell Grow II and was the beloved husband of Jessica Grow for over 10 years. Dave will forever be remembered by his beloved children Isabella and Lauren, brothers Brian, Matt and Greg, loving sisters Jen and Megan, caring in-laws Jennifer Grow, Ann Marie and Rendle Chadwick, Richard LeBell, Veronica and Colin LeBell, Justin and Taryn LeBell, Nathan and Elizabeth LeBell, along with many other friends and family whom were truly blessed to know him. Dave loved being with his family, especially his precious daughters, painting, cooking, carpentry, and caring for and playing with Ginger, Stuart, Finn and all his other pets.

Dave touched the lives of everyone he knew with his friendship, loyalty, charity, kindness, generosity, and maintained his loving, nurturing, selfless nature all the way to the end. Friends and family are invited to attend a memorial service on Friday, July 29th, 2011, with a viewing from 9 - 11 AM followed by a graveside service.

Monday, January 10, 2011


i have been thinking a lot lately how fast time goes as you get older. i used to think christmas never came... but it now seems to fly bye with no pictures to prove i even participated! and since when did it become 2011? crazy. i wish time would slow... so i had more time to stop and smell the roses.

Friday, December 10, 2010

semester one.

can't believe my first semester is done. i couldn't be more happy. now the question is what will i do with all my free time...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

road block

I have kind of hit a bloggers road block... with nothing new going on. School has kind of taken over my life and put everything else on the back burner. The good thing is I enjoy it... all except the early mornings and long days.
Before nursing school I didn't realize how excited people were to show off their wounds, incisions, scars... you name it. Before I have a chance to tell them I don't need to see it, they have already pulled down their pants or pulled up their shirt. I am then forced to oooh and ahhh. They trust me when I tell them their wounds look good (even though I have no idea how they should look.) I tend to wear masks when the nasty stuff happens so I can breathe through my mouth and gag with smiling eyes.
Happy November.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

harvest boutique

many ladies (not myself) have been working their crafty magic to make adorable goods.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

there is a man..

and by man i mean the cutest little old guy that walks his dog molly every single day... just around the time i take finn for a little jog. some mornings i see him twice. we always smile and wave and some days we talk. our conversations usually go a little something like this...
cute old man: "does your dog bark when someone comes to the door?"
me: "no"
cute old man: "he must! you need a protector not just a playboy! you must teach him. he cannot just be a playboy."
me: "ok... i will try"
but then one evening justin was with me and we stopped to talk... he asked how long we had been married and if i was happy. he asked if justin was good to me and if i was good to justin. he has been married for 58 years... and told us that marriage has its ups and downs but we need to be nice (he doesn't know what good advice this is for me... i try to be nice... but sometimes things don't come out as i intend them to.)
he said marriage is hard when you come from a different country... so naturally i asked where he is from.. he made us guess.. justin said germany. and he was right. he then told us that he fought in world war II. and now i am totally intrigued.. a few months ago i read a few books about world war II. one was excellent.. sarah's key... and i have thought about that story often in the last few months. on sunday i started reading night. i want to talk to the cute old man more about what the war was really like. i find it fascinating. justin told me not to ask... that people don't like to talk about the war. but i really want to know.. i am hoping one day he will tell me all about it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


summer has finally come and i feel like it is almost gone.
as of lately...
i have been living the life of leisure and going to school only two days a week.
finn and i have spent a lot of quality time together. he has also spent a lot of time with my mom and grandma.
i have loved my tuesday and thursday mornings spent doing yoga with whit. she is amazing.
glenwild pool with ash, addy and carly.
eating yummy caramels and rum mothers creations of course.
cleaned out a portion of one of my closets for our new roomie dave.
walks with justy.
pizza with cyndi and cole.